We are a public science and technology magnet school.
Students come from 5 main districts: Manchester, East Hartford, Glastonbury, Hartford, and South Windsor. We are a part of the RSCO, so other towns may have students attend our school too. Selection is on a lottery basis.

You can visit our school website to find out more: 

Two Rivers Magnet Middle School
is located in East Hartford, CT
Green Rivers is an organization that was started by two seventh grade students in the 2009-2010 school year, at Two Rivers Magnet Middle School located in East Hartford, Connecticut! We have an eighth, seventh, and sixth grade teams. The Green Rivers team school-wide is about 150 out of the 600 students who attend Two Rivers Magnet Middle School.

Our goal is to make our school the “greenest school” ever and to teach others how to “go green”!
Our goal is to educate ourselves, our school, and do outreach work in nearby schools and towns. We want to teach others how to conserve energy, recycle, compost, and how to protect the environment.